Leo dealt with few objects. The reason is that he undertakes a project only if it is unprecedented.
Not a question of a further decoration, of variation on a theme, of a gimmick.

His research approach to Judaica is a straight result of his scientific background, his projects have to entail entirely new modes:

enhance ritual functions
(inclined parchment mezuzoth, double sided Hannukkah lamp);
originally apply disciplines, such as optics
(anamorphic reflection Kiddush sets) and
("Gradient" Kiddush set);
integrate symbols and ritual
("Gradient" Kiddush set, Magen David mezuzah);
achieve total custom through the integration of ritual and family

("Three Generations" reflection Kiddush set).


It has to accomplish its purpose in a direct and possibly stern way, no place being left to embellishment, leisure, curiosity satisfaction.
Quantity and quality hardly go together.

Leo is an artist and it deals with his works as an artist does: either doing them by his hands or performing personal interventions on those which are made as multiples, so as to legitimate his signature and to ensure who acquires them to own an original object.
For this reason you will find Leo’s works exclusively in top-end Judaica galleries and shops.
Refer to this thorough program when evaluating Leo’s Judaica.




Born in Nice in 1939, to Italian parents from Ferrara; lived in Rome and Milan (where he graduated in nuclear engineering) until 67, when he settled in Israel. Since the seventies he devotes himself uniquely to artistic creation. He spent long periods in Sao Paulo, Firenze, especially Paris. He had one man shows wherever he lived - twenty five until today. He lives and works in Jaffa.

98, Yefet St. – 68171 Jaffa-Tel Aviv, Israel

Phone 00972 3 51 80 389 - Cell. 052 47 42 774

e-mail: leocontini@012.net.il - web: www.leocontinilampronti.net - www.anasculpture.com



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