Gradient Kiddush Set 2005







Gradually transforming a flat circle into a convex Magen David is not an evident task.
Yet an elaborated system of ridges and valleys does the job, which is applied to both beaker and saucer of our
Gradient Magen David Kiddush Set.
Beaker and saucer have a circular edge (outer, for the saucer; upper for the beaker): by proceeding from them towards the center (for the saucer) and towards the bottom (for the beaker) they are gradually changed into two identical convex Magen Davidís.
The result is the intimate integration between a symbol - the Magen David - and a ritual - the Kiddush - in an original and unmistakable way.

Each object is hand finished and punched with the artistís seal, besides the silver punch.

Design registrations for beaker and saucer applied for in Israel and U.S.A.









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