Born in Nice, 1939, to Italian parents from Ferrara: Nino (1906/1944), lawyer, anti-fascist and zionist, detained and confined during the WW2, liberated at the fall of the regime, became active in Italian reconstruction politics until he succumbed to an illness in Naples at 37, and Laura Lampronti (1912/1957), pianist and social worker, who also untimely died following negligent surgery, the day of her 45th anniversary. L.C.L. grew up and studied in Rome and Milan, where he got a degree in nuclear engineering. In 67 the family moved to Tel Aviv, wife Marcella Mayer (Milan, 1939) and two children, Saul (Rome, 1966) and Rosa (Milan, 1967). Hava (Tel Aviv, 1969) is their third child. Worked for a few years in the industry, cultivating in the meantime drawing and art printing. In the 70’ies met Naftali Bezem, a prominent painter, and started to frequent his Tel Aviv studio and to consider to switch from engineering to art. Subsequently he gave up his job to devote himself uniquely to plastic art. During the following years, he attended painting and drawing classes, art printing, classic painting techniques and fresco in various institutions and studios in Israel and abroad. An encounter with Pietro Maria Bardi, director of the Sao Paulo Museum of Arts (1982), was crucial for the confirmation of his decision. He started to have regularly solo exhibitions wherever he lived: Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo, Ferrara, Milano, Paris. Divorced in 88. In 88 he started to design and create innovative judaica objects. In 92 moved to Jaffa, where he lives and works until now. In 2001 married Anne Hovanessian (Paris, 1954). In the same year he introduced the “anasculpture”, a bi-perceptive mode of representation based on the information conveyed by lacunae (openings) and featuring a remarkable third dimension rendering. In 2011 he added the name of the much regretted, beautiful and unlucky mother to his.

Leo Contini Lampronti

Jaffa, 2013



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