INCLINED PARCHMENT MEZUZOTH // Magen david / Scroll / Techno


Inclined Parchment Mezuzoth 2001





It is hard to realize that the design of a Mezuzah never refers to the “minhag” of fixing them inclined to the doorpost.

A few years ago Leo conceived and created his first interpretation of a Mezuzah featuring the pre-established inclination of the parchment. Since then a few designs were created; between them:

Magen David - a stern and topologically non-obvious three-dimensional object which is an unmistakable synthesis between a Magen David and a Mezuzah.
Scroll - two volutes recall the rolled parchment which is inside: by placing one at the top right end of the Mezuzah and the other at its bottom left, the inclination of the parchment is naturally achieved.

Techno - a stern design for a machined Mezuzah.




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